About us

Get to know us better and read the story and reasonings behind Finland's largest (and according to us, nicest) private partner for international business!

We may not always wear tailored suits and fancy ties, nor do we bring you empty promises. Instead, we are equipped with harsh humor and top-notch professionality, brought together by a group of people who share the same mission: someday Finland will export more than it imports. In addition, we strive to help companies all over the world to enter the Nordics, Central Europe, CIS, and North American markets. Each day, we work towards our ambitious goals – each one of us with our diverse, unique skill sets.

Where it all started

Our company’s mastermind, and one of the founding partners, Jonne was working in Eastern Europe and got to experience how business was done there from a front-row view. When he quit his job, he wanted to use his professionalism in Eastern Europe with Finnish entrants to the market. Jonne had witnessed multiple situations where Finnish companies had failed in their export and even got scammed when trying to enter the market. Some had no idea how to do international business and Jonne wanted to change that. And so, East Consulting was born.

Business started booming and new international trade professionals jumped aboard. In 2018, the name of the company changed to Export Maker to better describe the company: we help you make export around the globe. Business expanded to tens of different markets, but today our business is still guided by the same core principles: we want to help companies avoid the mistakes we have witnessed in the international markets.

Finnish know-how matters and this is why we have a mission: by 2030 we will have created export for Finnish companies by over 1 billion euros in total. 

While we help Finnish companies export, we also strive to support international businesses entering the Nordics market.

So, let’s get down to business! 

Cornerstones of our business

Finnish know-how

For us, bringing Finnish know-how to a global audience is key. We believe that each euro exported brings prosperity to Finland.

Doing rather than saying

We are working hard, but are definitely not hardly working. We focus on gaining results, rather than pointless chitter-chatter.

Good people behind good results

Success rarely comes by itself. We have an excellent team behind our success: individuals with different personas, bringing new viewpoints and a passion for internationalization.

Our exports in numbers

Companies supported