Develop export skills

Develop your product or service, knowledge of target market or common internationalization skills. We tailor practical developing operations for your company's growth needs from the perspective of international sales.

ELY-consulting days


  • Executed remotely
  • Assessment of the current state of business
  • Preparing a practical development plan
  • Mapping the business areas of the company in relation to the objectives: internationalization capabilities, resources, what actions have to be taken, what is being sought, whether there is a strategy, which market areas are of interest
  • Customization according to the customer needs
  • Supported price for Analysis is 30 € / day (+ VAT)


  • Executed remotely
  • Developing practical development measures to meet growth needs
  • Understanding the growth strategy, customers and markets, and making your business more competitive
  • Customization according to the customer needs
  • The consultancy service has a subsidized price of 30 € / day (+ VAT)

Training programs for single companies, company groups or regional development organizations.

Training programs aim to start international sales and development, but in which framework can be defined with customer for their needs and industry’s specifics. Throughout the training defined themes are approached with practical view. Company specific coaching can be included as a workshop working.

Program structure can be composed for instance like this:

Common part of the event:

  • recent news and specifics of the target market and its economy
  • SWOT for international business
  • how to select right target market and customer segments – few examples from key market areas

Company specific coaching:

  • mapping the readiness, knowledge and resources for international business
  • highlighting competitive advantages for international sales
  • highlighting goals for international business
  • creating strategy or developmental steps
  • what kind of financing instruments exist for international business
  • tips for potential customers and partners

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