Support in international markets

Do you need help with practical export tasks, such as negotiations or travelling and meeting arrangements? Do you want to outsource your international sales or establish a subsidiary? Are you in need of recruiting support for the key personnel? This is how we give practical support for international trade.

With experience of over 300 companies and 400 projects we support companies working in different industries to overcome different challenges related to international business.

Hands on-support

  • Support in contacting and negotiations
  • Arrangements with meetings and exhibition trips
  • Composing and acquiring needed export documents
  • Background check and development of partner network

Sales support

  • Sales outsourcing to different markets
  • Planning of sales channels and networks
  • Creating competitive advantages and sales arguments 
  • Establishing of subsidiary

Key personnel recruitment

  • Supporting recruitment process with partner network, for example:
    • match recruitment
    • evaluation
    • testimonials
  • Expat leaders
  • Local leading and specialist level

Investment projects

  • Consultation, search of investment targes
  • Neuvonanto investointisuunnitelman laatimisessa Help with composing of investment plan
  • Investment project management
  • Risk analysis
  • Company buyouts and following procedures

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