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In-depth Market Analyses

Market research

Information is, knowledge and knowledge is power!

The more research embedded in your strategic plan, the better your company is equipped to deal with the ever-changing environment that you are operating in. Before taking a plunge, it is truly important to prepare your business – take the time to plan and do the necessary research in order to get a clear understanding of your customers’ wants and needs. Get a better overview of what your market demands, find opportunities for growth, and learn how to apply and develop your competitive advantages.

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Data-driven success

Gain valuable insights into your market and customers to make effective data-driven business solutions.

Conducting a market analysis may seem complex, but it is crucial if you want to lead your company into the right direction. At Export Maker, we can help you to make better, more informed business decisions by carrying out said research. Through a thorough, in-depth market analysis, we gather information about the potential target market(s) and industry.

With the help of our extensive international team and network, we can do the necessary data collection locally in the target market(s) to directly determine the market potential of your company. Gathering the necessary information can be done through different methods, depending on your business goal(s). We conduct our analyses through the following methods:


Desk research, or secondary market research, is carried out to provide a lot of useful information. Relevant data is collected from (government) reports, local directories, surveys, and already existing research. This basis of information concerns, among others; the overall market structure and landscape, the market and industry situation, as well as the (customer) trends. Following the desk research, primary market research is conducted.


For more structured, in-depth information, our local experts can carry out personal interviews with the relevant party, be it companies, potential customers, or focus groups. Through interviews, we get an understanding of the perception and opinions pertaining to the product or service feasibility. Based on the acquired real, data-oriented insights, effective decisions can be formed. For example, how to efficiently allocate your company’s resources.


What will you learn from the Market analysis?

Understanding the target market is crucial for making informed business decisions. This involves analysing its current situation, market size, trends, and value chains. Additionally, gaining insights into potential customers, including client segments, their wants and needs, and buying behaviours, is essential. Evaluating the competitive situation, such as market position, strengths, and weaknesses of competitors, helps identify areas of opportunity and threats. By considering these factors, businesses can assess the overall potential and make strategic choices accordingly.

1. Informed decision-making
A market analysis helps to form informed decisions by providing valuable insights into the market landscape, customer preferences, and competitor dynamics. It enables us to understand the market trends, identify customer needs, and evaluate competitive positoning, allowing us to tailor strategies accordingly. By basing decisions on reliable data and analysis, you can mitigate risks and optimise your chances of success.
2. Targeted marketing and positioning
By understanding the target market, you can identify the specific customer segments, their preferences and buying behaviours. This knowledge helps to develop targeted marketing campaigns, craft compelling value propositions, and position your products and services in a way that resonates with the intended audience. This leads to improved customer engagement, as well as increased changes of capturing market share.
3. Identifying opportunities and threats

A market analysis helps to identify opportunities for growth and expansion while mitigating potential risks. By analysing market trends, customer demand, and competitive dynamics, you can uncover untapped market segments, emerging trends, or gaps in the market. This enables you to capitalise on these opportunities, develop innovative solutions, and gain a competitive edge.

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The benefits of conducting market research

Take your company to the next level!

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Through the gathered information, you will gain a better understanding of the target market and audience. This will help you to strengthen your position and allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. Additionally, it will clarify your competitive situation and thus, help with decisions in how to differentiate from said competition. Barriers, market gaps, and opportunities are highlighted, that without the research you may have otherwise missed. Consequently, this will minimise your investment risks, evaluate your potential, and help to take your company to the next level.

Can we help your company?

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Each market analysis is conducted in a way to match your company needs and business goals. If you fear that you are lacking the needed market knowledge and insights that could be solved through a market analysis with the help of our local experts, please get in touch using the form or send us an email.

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