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We aim to help you with internationalization and export processes,
and more importantly, speed up your international growth through
concrete means.


Being too modest does not get you anywhere. That is why we help your company shine and grow by showcasing your existing capabilities and developing new ones. Strategic thinking and a passion for international trade runs through our veins, which makes us a great partner to begin and continue your internationalization! 

Below you can see our five-star services to support your growth. 

Market analysis

Is the chosen market the right one for your company? You can find this out by conducting a market analysis.

Customer and partner search

We are looking for the clients and partners with the most potential for your business, while you focus on the core functions. Finding the right matches is immediately visible in your cash flow.

Other strategic measures

We are the right-hand of your business when it comes to practicalities in export, as well as strategic decisions.


Insights and current topics from the world of international trade for curious and eager professionals.


See the fruits of our work and most importantly – our clients. They are the ones who can tell you what it is like to work with us, and share the results we have achieved through our projects.

Most wanted resources of international trade!

You are one click away from the most desirable resources in international business and export. And it does not even cost a thing! 

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Well, how is your export? You can always contact us when you want to expand into new markets.

We promise to give you the top tips for charming potential partners, as well as for skimming through new markets. We may not be baristas, but we can still offer you a nice cup of coffee as well!