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Export Opportunities in Scandinavia

Scandinavia including Sweden, Norway and Denmark represent a significant market of importers and consumers with an open mind and a willingness to buy from new suppliers. Sweden is the natural gateway to the entire region and often the preferred starting point, from where further expansion can be done. This is due to Sweden’s central location, broad commercial scene and about the double population of its Scandinavian neighbours.

East Consulting has initiated an effective partner co-operation with TBR Consulting AB for professional market entry, partner search and business development services throughout Scandinavia. “A large and growing number of companies in Finland, Russia, the Baltic States as well as from Belarus and a wide range of industries have already taken advantage of the business opportunities in Scandinavia with excellent results”, says Mrs. Suvi Metsola, Key Account Manager at East Consulting.

Verso Food Oy from Espoo in Finland has successfully carried out a market entry program in Sweden via TBR Consulting, which is now being rolled out and implemented. Mrs. Tarja Ollila, Managing Director at Verso Food, says: “Swedes are reliable and easy to deal with. We are expanding our exports with our unique nutritionally balanced and tasty vegetable food products with high protein contents. The consulting services provided to us were very professional and invaluable for a successful market entry.”

At the moment with weakening sales trends in many European and Eastern countries due to nfinancial and political turmoil, Scandinavia stands out as a very interesting region to explore for new business. The region of 3 countries is ranking high in ease of doing business. Scandinavia has stabile national finances, top level purchasing power and a high GDP growth rate (percentage) compared with the rest of the European Union and many other countries as well. Foreign exporters often have a currency advantage compared with Scandinavian producers that also suffer from high staff and manufacturing cost levels – making international manufacturers particularly competitive.

Scandinavia offers interesting opportunities in many industries and sectors, including e.g. food & beverage, building & construction materials and services, industrial products, consumer goods as well as in some cases IT and software products, but concerning the latter the competition is often hard and you need to be really unique, professional and well-established to have a good chance to succeed.

If you are interested in business opportunities in Scandinavian market, please contact
Suvi Metsola,
+358 40 731 0223