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What we do

Services for Development Organisations

Driving collaboration

Business group projects with national and international developer organisations.

Export Maker has implemented business group projects with both national and international business developer- and cluster organisations.

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International trade

Developing a strategy or export plan.

Activating and encouraging companies to engage in international trade and the development of companies’ qualitative capabilities is the heart of the matter for our team. Future growth and success is based on the international success of companies. This requires the bravery to go out into the world, and develop a know-how in sales, marketing, as well as international business.

Export Maker has implemented group projects with both national and international business development and cluster organisations, which consists of:

  • Regional development organisations and municipalities business organisations
  • Domestic and international chambers of commerce and entrepreneurial organisations
  • Regional and National clusters
  • International export promotion organisations
  • Funding organisations
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How can we help your organisation?


We support business developers broadly by promoting the internationalisation of companies in the region through:

  • Sparring business development organisations in the planning of internationalisation steps
  • Initiating regional companies for internationalisation
  • Planning related to internationalisation projects
  • Implementation related to the internationalisation of development projects

We develop the internationalisation capabilities of companies and business developers and practical international business through the following means:

  • Company- and group-specific sparring and coaching
  • Practical actions for business groups in target markets
Internationalisation goals

What are your international business goals?

What is your region’s need for internationalisation and what are the goals? Would you like to contribute to the creation of new successful international companies or the business development of companies that are already on the path of internationalisation?

We can help you with your specific goals!

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Company-specific trainings

Company- and group-specific sparring and coaching.

Each region is unique from the point of view of business operations and their positioning. So, the capabilities and experience of the companies in the region to conduct international trade are diverse: some companies are just waking up to the idea and others are already very experienced in the international market.

However, we have noticed that everyone has competence areas that need development in order to improve their international business skills. We have implemented company-specific training on an international level.

Export Maker is an ISO 9001 certified company

As a company that values order amidst the chaos of the world, we take pride in our ISO 9001 certification. This coveted recognition symbolises our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.


Development of companies' internationalisation skills and competences.


We implement both individual coaching events and longer, customised coaching packages to improve the companies’ internationalisation skills and knowledge. When we know what the goals are, we create suitable content to meet the needs. Areas for coaching could be e.g.:

  • Improving the internationalisation skills
  • Planning of the internationalisation operations
  • How to build an internationalisation strategy and action plan
  • Choosing a target market
  • Choosing an operating model for international markets
  • Building an international operational network, e.g. distribution network
  • Building international customer relationships
  • Business environment and potential in different market areas



The implementation model and the content are often planned together with the business developer partner in the region, so that the structure and content meet the needs of the group. We often use workshop-type working to familiarise with a certain aspect of international trade by first getting information on the subject from experts and then continue by applying the information to the company’s situation.

A well-established model is to implement group-specific coaching along with company-specific sparring related to internationalisation, so that the lessons learnt are better adapted to the company’s operations and the company’s starting situation and realities can be taken into account on the internationalisation path.

Practical actions

Business groups in the target market.

Export Maker has implemented group projects with both national and international business development and cluster organisations. The projects often include operations in the selected target markets, where business potential for companies is sought.

We provide, among others, the following services for business groups:

  • Market surveys in one or several market areas. The subject of the survey can be the potential of the target market in general, or focusing on specific industries
  • Competitor studies and value chain analysis in the target market
  • Building networks in the target markets
  • Develop contacts in the target market
  • Trade fairs and familiarisation excursions to the selected target market
  • Matchmaking events virtually and on-site
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Embarking on your international market journey requires strategic partnerships. Whether you're seeking distributors, operating partners, suppliers, or customers, we're here to assist you in finding the perfect match. Reach out to us today and share your aspirations.

Together, we'll pave the way for your international triumph.

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