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International excursion to Finland organized with Export Maker

DREBERIS International Strategy Consultants was formed in 1999, and has since driven the expansion of hundreds of businesses to new markets abroad. The company focuses on internationalizing companies mainly in Germany, Poland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. DREBERIS partnered with Export Maker Ltd to execute an excursion to Finland with a German group of entrepreneurs.

”The local project coordinator hosting us made the excursion easier for us”

Projects started remotely with video conferences and calls, and organizing the trip all together. Main goal of the excursion was to participate in SLUSH 2019, while also learning about the Finnish economy, Finnish-German trade and the Finnish culture in general. Export Maker Ltd organized the excursion in co-operation with DREBERIS, having the project coordinator company the group during the visit.

Project Coordinator from Export Maker team was Joona Koivisto, who also hosted the group in Helsinki during the SLUSH fair of 2019.

Co-operation in general was excellent, since Joona gave us a valuable input from the local perspective. For example, hotels, restaurants and the quickest and most convenient transport was much easier to organize with Joona and Export Maker Ltd, than on our own, International Project Coordinator Heike Muller (DREBERIS) explains.

Export Maker Ltd organized a pitching training for the participants

Export Maker Ltd organized a 2 hour pitching training for the participating entrepreneurs in order to prepare them for the SLUSH start-up fair. This pitching training gave the attendees an insight to Finnish business culture and the customs of pitching in Finland.

According to Muller, the pitching training was outstanding and even more than DREBERIS expected. The overall ability to organize workshops with professionals and local entities and businesses, is definitely a major upside of Export Maker Ltd.

Export Maker Ltd took care of the project and running errands, enabling our employees to coordinate other things, such as organizational aspects. Communication with Export Maker was fluent, since the messages and emails were answered quickly and reliably. This showed the flexibility of Export Maker Ltd: even in rapidly changing situations, Export Maker was able to maintain the control and organize everything adequately.

For example, Joona made sure that everyone is with the group at all times, ensuring that we made it on time to the next arranged event, Muller states.

”Export Maker was a reliable and efficient partner”

DREBERIS has used other partners in other countries and found Export Maker Ltd to be one of the best partners when organizing excursions, and would recommend Export Maker Ltd to companies interested in the Finnish market and excursions in Finland.

Overall Export Maker Ltd was a reliable and efficient partner, with whom the organization of the excursion was made easy. Having a local person from Export Maker Ltd with us all the time made our days carefree and well organized, Muller comments.

Written by Joona Koivisto.