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Pekotek Oy: Effective Partner Search in Sweden, Germany, and Poland

Pekotek Oy is a Finnish company that manufactures industrial surface treatment systems and equipment, founded in 1983. The company handles surface treatment projects from consulting to turnkey deliveries. Pekotek's competitive advantages are energy- and operation-efficient surface treatment solutions customised according to customers' wishes.

Swedish, German, and Polish partner search in a narrow niche field

"In 2019, we started operating in the Swedish market, and along the way, we have learned a lot about how to look for partners. It has not been easy, but now we have found a better direction on what is worth doing and what is not. That is why we have continued to cooperate market by market,"

says Pekotek's Business Developer, Petri Rautiainen.

"In the end, we found a good representative in Sweden, although previously in 2017 we tried to find a partner with a competing expert agency without results. We gave Sweden another chance, and it paid off," 

Rautiainen sums up the results of the cooperation.

The business of manufacturing surface treatment lines is a highly specialised field, and therefore finding a partner in the target countries can be challenging. Candidates must be of suitable size and motivated to trade in the target country.

"We are a small company, and our resources are limited, so we proceed one step at a time, market by market. After Sweden, we moved to Germany, and the third destination is now Poland, where we are trying to find new partners with Export Maker,"

summarises Rautiainen's country-specific expansion.


"Collaboration with an expert requires continuous development, especially in entering and marketing new markets. In Sweden, we are finally starting to receive inquiries and soon also trade," Rautiainen explains the results of international trade. The cooperation between Pekotek and Export Maker has been smooth and down-to-earth. Support has been offered flexibly without bureaucracy, and solutions have been found within the framework of budget restrictions. International business expert Pierre Brolin has been involved in the search for partners in both Sweden and Germany, knowing Pekotek's needs and operating methods. "In Germany, we have noticed that the country is huge, and finding good partners in the crowd is challenging. We lack time resources and language skills, so each market must have an expert who speaks the local language and knows the customs of the country,"

says Rautiainen about the necessity of cooperation.


You can be proud of Pekotek's surface treatment solutions, as they are known for being very energy-efficient, high-quality, and technically advanced. However, success in the market depends on marketing and building a local sales network. Internationalization has also utilised public support funding, such as ELY's development grant.

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