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Vezer’s Success Story: Navigating International Water and Expanding to America

In the dynamic world of business, the ability to adapt and expand into new markets is crucial for sustained success. Vezer, a Finnish company specialising in pet products, recognised this need and sought the expertise of Export Maker to facilitate their journey into international markets, with a specific focus on the United States. This story unfolds the collaborative efforts between Export Maker and Vezer, highlighting key milestones, challenges, and successes in the process of internationalization.

A clear roadmap for global market success

Objectives and Consultation

Vezer, having achieved success in the domestic market with its range of pet products, harboured aspirations of global expansion. Despite lacking prior experience in international markets, the company aimed to bring its pet products to a broader audience. Export Maker's aimed to enhance Vezer’s understanding of internationalization and cross-border trade, assessing current capabilities and identifying areas for improvement. The goal was to create a roadmap that would enhance Vezer's readiness for international markets, particularly the United States. The collaboration between Vezer and Export Maker set clear objectives:

  1.       Develop an understanding of the international market potential for Vezer and select target markets for actionable measures.
  2.     Identify improvement areas in Vezer's internationalization capabilities and create a comprehensive action plan for development.
  3.     Formulate a preliminary assessment of the business potential in a new target market, specifically the USA.

Addressing Development Areas and Implementing Concrete Measures

The consultation phase involved a detailed analysis of Vezer's current state, internationalization capabilities, and the potential of their pet products. Together, Export Maker and Vezer identified key developmental steps required in the company's operations, product offerings, and export readiness. This laid the foundation for tangible actions in the opening of international markets. A comprehensive "Strategic plan for development and change," encompassing enhancements to Vezer's operations, product offerings, and export readiness, was crafted. This strategic plan was accompanied by an operational plan for its execution.

Concrete Measures
  1.       Comprehensive analysis of the company's operations from an export perspective.
  2.     Strategic guidelines for international operations and an action plan for market entry.
  3.     Analysis of marketing materials with the identification of improvement measures.
  4.     Preliminary market insights into the potential of Vezer's products in the USA.
Consultation Outcome and Follow-Up Actions

The conclusion of the consultation phase resulted in the identification and prioritisation of actions necessary for a seamless entry into international markets. The primary focus areas for improvement were identified as 1) enhancing the company brand and marketing materials to meet international standards, and 2) developing the internationalization capabilities of Vezer's in-house team.

Export Maker recommended that Vezer focus on adapting their marketing materials to suit international markets, enabling them to explore potential markets and included a more in-depth analysis of the USA market, for which Vezer could seek support from Business Finland's Market Explorer programme.

Vezer’s Engagement with Export Maker

A creative touch shaping Vezer’s brand narrative

In the subsequent phases, Export Maker's graphic designer and marketing specialist, Felicia, played a pivotal role in Vezer's internationalization journey. Felicia's responsibilities included graphic design, content creation, and website development. This encompassed the creation of an entirely new website, along with designing new package concepts, labels, boxes, company presentations, roll-ups, and fair walls, among others.

Prior to the design phase, a comprehensive market survey was conducted to understand the appeal, needs, and wants of the target audience. This research played a vital role in settling on a name for Vezer's new product line — Vezer Care.

The new packaging design is an ongoing project, evolving based on continuous feedback. This iterative process ensures that the final design aligns seamlessly with Vezer's brand image and meets international market expectations.

Local Partnership for American Expansion

Export Maker engaged local partner, Durk Stark, to oversee Vezer Care's expansion into the American market. Durk Stark is responsible for managing marketing and social media presence, as well as driving the sales in the USA. This collaboration further strengthened Vezer's position as they ventured into the complexities of the American market.

Strategic Synergy Leading to Global Expansion

Export Maker's collaboration with Vezer is a testament to the success that can be achieved through strategic planning, targeted improvements, and seamless execution. By combining strategic consulting with hands-on design and marketing support, Export Maker significantly contributed to Vezer's ability to navigate the challenges of international markets, especially in the United States. The ongoing partnership continues to yield positive results as Vezer Care expands its presence and establishes itself as a key player. This success story stands as a prime example of effective internationalization and cooperative efforts between Export Maker and a forward-thinking company as Vezer with a vision for global expansion.

A global success, highlighting the impact of teamwork and strategy in international expansion

Is your vision aligned with Vezer's for global growth? If you dream of expanding internationally or elevating your product or brand for a global audience, don't hesitate – connect with Export Maker today. Our expert support and strategic partnership await your ambitious journey!

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Export Maker helped Vezer apply for ELY's development grant to support the company's internationalization. With the support of the development grant, Vezer gets to explore the potential of several different market areas and participate in professional events.

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